Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cardboard Box Games

Good evening and welcome!

As I have no real agenda for my first post I thought I might list the games I have either made or have "in mind" at the moment. Please feel free to ask, comment, poke or otherwise jiggle me around.

1. Gravity's Rainbow - "loosely abstract" strategy game involving stars, planets and black holes. Ooooh! This, I feel, is the strongest of my oeuvre, and the game I am currently trying to get into production.

2. Quats - again, "loosely abstract" strategy game with, I suppose, capture the flag elements. Capture the Quats, if you like. Prototype made, though I'm giving this one a re-haul at the moment as I have fallen out with the board layout.

3. Bridges, or, "Bridge over the River Quat" or even "Bridge over Troubled Quats" - completing the Cardboard Box Games Loosely Abstract Trilogy, this game is based on bridge building. Prototype made; needs refining.

4. Tangle - a shape-based, fast-paced game that I play with my class in Maths lessons. Featuring the characters Tangle, Shuffle, Shadow and MirrorMe. Currently in prototype stage. Has also spawned:

5. Tangle: the Card Game - the same idea as Tangle but played with transparent cards. Snazzy! Sadly, this game has not yet made it from my head and into the physical realm.

6. Two Moons - this used to be a spoof fantasy game that relied heavily on chance but also featured a neat Two Moons mechanic that was based on the phases of two moons that orbited the board. Now I'd like this game to feature a strong co-operative mechanic but I haven't given it much thought yet.

7. The Forest of A Thousand Eyes - an exploration game set in a moonlit forest. Hexagonal tiles, inventories, creatures and battles; I see this as the board game equivalent of Zelda and Pokemon. Like Tangle: the Card Game, this game has yet to come into existence in any way, shape or form...

8. The Circuit - a game based around lighting bulbs by manipulating an electrical current. No prototype made.

9. Dragon Doors - a dungeon-based game involving opening and traveling through portals. I have yet to flesh out the mechanics but it could prove to be a strategic game. No prototype made.

10. The Clock or Minutes to Midnight - a time travel game based on a clock face. I want the game mechanics to allow players to exist at different points in time and influence each other through time. No idea how this one's going to work, and as you might have guessed, no prototype has been made.

11. Colossus - imagine, if you will, a cross between Shadow of the Colossus and Lemmings. But as a board game. At the conceptual stage (i.e. no prototype made).

12. Nucleus - I wondered if there might be a game mechanic that could be drawn from the idea of creating bonds between chemical elements. This idea then boiled down to a simpler, less imaginative idea that was close to a hex-based Gravity's Rainbow. Needs further thought (and a prototype...)

That ends the list of the most concrete (or what could just about be described as concrete) ideas I have currently.

Until next time, goodnight.

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